• Med reflex syns du
  • Tre kronor glimmisar

    Support your team

  • Skolungdom med reflex
  • Barn med cykel och reflexer

    An accessory
    and a lifeguard

  • Barn vid skola med reflexer

    For each
    and everyone

  • Vuxna

    Let the leather shine

  • Barn i mörker med reflexer från Glimmis

    Be safe,
    be seen

01 Oct 2014

Let Glimmis® reflectors represent your company

We can offer company-specific designs and prints on our reflectors. A company-specific design gives you a reflector that represents your company, shop or club in a neat, sober way. We do our own designs and manufacture in Sweden, which means we offer rapid, flexible, reliable production of products of very high quality.

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02 Jun 2014

What is a reflector? How does it work and why should I wear one?

Find out by watching our animated film.

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