• Skolungdom med reflex
  • Barn vid skola med reflexer

    For each
    and everyone

  • Baby

    Prams to be
    seen in

  • Barn med cykel och reflexer

    An accessory
    and a lifeguard

  • Vuxna

    Let the leather shine

  • Tonår

    Not without my Glimmis

  • Barn i mörker med reflexer från Glimmis

    Be safe,
    be seen

02 Jun 2014

What is a reflector? How does it work and why should I wear one?

Find out by watching our animated film.

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15 May 2014

Be seen, be safe. Wear a reflective hang tag.

Glimmis® are approved reflectors made in Sweden that serve as both life savers in traffic and also as attractive, fun accessories. They are manufactured in reflective material of the highest quality and satisfy all of the safety requirements defined for personal reflectors, which means that they comply with the EN 13356 standard and are CE-approved.
Our intent by offering colourful and cheerful reflectors with familiar characters is to make more people want to use the reflectors and thus be safer in traffic. We work in parallel to provide information about the importance of wearing reflectors, how they save lives, in Sweden and the rest of the world. Being seen saves lives – with a reflector you are visible.

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