• Barn i mörker med reflexer från Glimmis

    Be safe,
    be seen

  • Skolungdom med reflex
  • Barn vid skola med reflexer

    For each
    and everyone

  • Baby

    Prams to be
    seen in

  • Vuxna

    Let the leather shine

  • Barn med cykel och reflexer

    An accessory
    and a lifeguard

  • Tonår

    Not without my Glimmis

06 Nov 2013

Design contest

Join the Popomax design contest - design a new reflector. The winning design will be produced under the category Designers Collection during next year's season 2014-2015. Contact us for more information.

25 Oct 2013

Be seen, be safe. Wear a reflective hang tag.

Everyone likes to be noticed. But it’s especially good to be noticed by drivers when you are a pedestrian.
Those that wear reflectors can be seen by drivers much more clearly from longer distances than those without. Most accidents involving pedestrians happen in builtup areas with street lighting because the driver didn’t see the person in time to stop.

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