Bespoke reflectors

We can offer company-specific designs and prints on our reflectors. A company-specific design gives you a reflector that represents your company, shop or club in a neat, sober way. We do our own designs and manufacture in Sweden, which means we offer rapid, flexible, reliable production of products of very high quality.

Glimmis® is an approved Swedish reflector that serves as an attractive accessory in daylight and as a life-saver in the dark. The darker it gets, the more visible you are with a Glimmis reflector. It is manufactured from reflective material of the very highest quality and satisfies all the safety requirements for personal reflectors. It is both CE-labelled and tested by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Reflectors are extremely beneficial and save lives all year round. Display stands for reflectors are available in many different sizes for attractive, effective exposure.

For further information please contact us on +46 8 755 87 227 or by Email.

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