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How visible are you in the dark?
Who in the picture can also be seen in the dark?

Reflectors make you visible in the dark

Wearing a reflector is a cheap life insurance. People wearing reflectors are considerably more visible and visible at a greater distance than those without them. Most accidents involving pedestrians occur in urban areas with little street lighting. This makes reflectors just as useful in the city as they are in the countryside. (source NTF)

NTF                 Trafikverket

Are you seen by the driver? 

Check how visible you are with or without a reflector

The safety of our reflectors is guaranteed

Put Glimmis reflectors on your outerwear, so drivers can see you at a distance of 125 metres. If you do not have any reflectors and are wearing dark clothes, a driver will not see you until they are only 20-30 metres away, even with dipped headlights. This is why reflectors can make a great difference to your visibility. Glimmis reflectors are tested and approved by SP – the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. They comply with the standards for personal reflectors (EN 13356) and are CE approved.

See our SP certificate here

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