The women who made reflectors fun

Glimmis is a Swedish reflector that saves lives in traffic and is also an attractive accessory. Plenty of things have happened since the two engineers, Kersti Kempe and Ewa Romö, produced the first Glimmis in 2003. Before then, it was difficult to find fun, attractive reflectors. With the cool, sweet and fun Glimmis reflectors, Kersti and Ewa have revolutionised the Swedish, and even the international reflector market. There are now more than 100 types of Glimmis. And new designs are arriving all the time.

Top quality

Glimmis are made from high quality reflector material from 3M. All production takes place in Sweden. Glimmis reflectors are tested and approved by SP – the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. They comply with the standards for personal visibility accessories (EN 13356) and are CE approved.

An original Swedish product

Glimmis is an original Swedish product that is exported around the world. Japan is the biggest single importer. Here are some press cuttings from our Japanese Glimmis website

Take care of your Glimmis

Take care of your Glimmis so that it reflects light as well as possible. Always replace a damaged reflector. If your reflector gets dirty, clean it with a damp cloth. It is best to store your Glimmis in a dark, cool place when it is not being used, as then it will last longer.
Reflectors do wear out and should be replaced at regular intervals. To test whether your reflector is working properly, shine a torch on it and compare an old one with a new one. Replace the old one if it doesn’t reflect the light as well as the new one.

The company behind Glimmis® is Popomax, which is owned and run by Ewa Romö. It was Kersti’s and Ewa’s passion for creating high quality, attractive, functional products was what made them take the step from high level jobs in major companies to self-employment in the early 2000s.

© Popomax 2018 ® Glimmis is a registered trademark of Popomax AB.

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