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09 Jan 2015

Facts about reflectors

A reflector is a simple and effective life insurance if you choose one that works! There is a huge difference between good and bad quality reflectors. Hanging reflectors are classified as a safety product and should therefore fulfill a number of criteria before they are approved.

To be approved according to CE/EN 13356 the following criteria must be met:

• The reflector must have a reflective surface area of at least 15cm2
• The reflection value must be greater than 560 CIL
• The reflector must be supplied with information to the buyer about the certifying institute, the certificate number as well as care instructions.

01 Oct 2014

Bespoke reflectors

We can offer company-specific designs and prints on our reflectors. A company-specific design gives you a reflector that represents your company, shop or club in a neat, sober way. We do our own designs and manufacture in Sweden, which means we offer rapid, flexible, reliable production of products of very high quality.

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